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Our suite of tools enables collaboration, synchronization, and decision support across the full supply chain providing the best-value optimization of supply chain performance.

SCATS©: Transportation Management System

SCATS© Transportation Management System can be seamlessly synchronized with any Supply Chain Procurement and Planning system to provide for a worldwide comprehensive operational network to service all parties involved in logistics transactions.
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SCATS© is a worldwide transportation managament system easily accessible by all logistics partners through the Internet. The operational database is maintained by the supply chain partners as a byproduct of operational events, such as order scheduling, shipment notification, shipment pick up, in transit movement, arrival at destination, and ultimate delivery. Operational events are reported as they occur. SCATS© maintains an in-transit database identifying shipments that are yet to be delivered as well as a historical database containing shipments that are delivered. The SCATS© database can be rapidly queried by a broad range of elements to extract the desired information.

An extensive reporting facility is available enabling the selection and printing of exception reports as well as management reports. Transit time analyses, activity by shipping facility, activity by transportation carrier, and many more combinations are possible. When suppliers participate in SCATS©, frequency cycle analyses can be extracted as well.

SCATS© is designed as a pro-active exception management system. SCATS© maintains a three priority level exception system. Scheduled events that are not reported by a particular party within a designated tolerance are extracted and reported to responsible parties through e-mail. Failure to resolve the exception within 24 hours results in reporting the exception to the second management level as well as the party responsible for action. Failure to resolve the problem within 48 hours is reported as a critical exception to the third management level as well as the two lower levels. Concurrently, the transportation company is also notified that an exception has been noted.

SCATS© operates as a global network, accessible to suppliers, shippers, transportation companies, brokers, warehouses, third party logistics companies. A transportation company can service all their customers through SCATS©, routing data to their own SCATS© database as well as each individual customer database. A supplier can receive orders from all their customers, each customer sending the purchase orders from their database into a common SCATS© database for the supplier. And of course a customer maintains a SCATS© database that is serviced by all the transportation companies and suppliers.
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SCM©: Supply Chain Management

SCM© - Supply Chain Management is a portal to worldwide access of the enterprise supply chain. As an extensive suite of internet tools designed to expedite the exchange of production and manufacturing information, it provides the enterprise with complete control over the supply chain system.
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SCM© provides a state of the art, technology driven control and management system designed to proactively and dynamically disseminate critical supply chain information as well as ensure supplier optimum performance in accordance with customer contractual requirements. SCM© streamlines the customer/ supplier interfaces to ensure that required products are received on a timely basis. SCM© will yield the precise supplier status of the manufacturing process as well as an ongoing operational and administrative performance analysis of the supplier.

SCM© administers purchase orders by taking into consideration all significant scheduled events, and interacts with the supplier through electronic communications to ensure timely performance. Supplier failure to respond results in contact by GLV TAC (Technical Assistance Center) and, when needed, by responsible customer staff. All SCM© interactions are recorded as events and are accessible dynamically in SCM©, as well as posted in the supplier performance profile.

SCM© provides a method of interacting with suppliers in a centralized automated interface accessible 24/7 by authorized users and provides comprehensive visibility to the precise status of the supplier's manufacturing process.

SCM© alerts suppliers on the basis of defined business rules, such as:
   • Periodic confirmation of supplier planned delivery;
   • Confirmation of SCM© optimum ship dates to meet scheduled on dock dates;
   • Other scheduled statusing (special processing, Quality Assurance inspection and certification and others.

SCM© methodology streamlines the entire order statusing and expediting process with minimal customer staffing requirements. All orders and associated SCM© events are visible to the customer and reported as required.
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SCMI©: Supply Chain Management International

SCMI© - Supply Chain Management International is a multilingual portal to worldwide access of the enterprise supply chain. It provides the enterprise with complete control over the supply chain yielding significant savings in manpower, inventory, and transportation costs. SCMI is seamlessly integrated with our SCM© and SCATS© systems.
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SCMI©, Supply Chain Management International, provides international shippers with a streamlined and efficient transportation management system. SCMI© enables:
   • Compliant commercial invoice at time of product entry into customs.
   • Reduced process steps.
   • Improved forward planning process.
   • Database that is reliable, real-time, accurate, with full visibility shared by process users including partners and suppliers.
   • Automated proactive monitoring capability.
   • Reduced/eliminated post audit findings/issues.
   • Improved material flow.

With transmission of international purchase orders, SCMI© allows the immediate collection of data elements on the commercial invoice template as required for valid customs entry. SCMI© allows input of various data elements provided by different users at various times throughout the life cycle of the purchase order. Post-entry editing of data is enabled and tracked.

SCMI© automatically identifies the appropriate forwarder and broker based on defined business rules. Data from SCMI© to the forwarder and brokers is conducted automatically as operational events occur. All events, user inputs, edits, and alerts are logged automatically by SCMI©.

SCMI© monitors for exceptions and alerts defined users at the appropriate times/intervals. SCMI© also monitors for the occurrence of milestone events which are used to trigger alerts and/or exceptions as required.
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