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SCMI©: Supply Chain Management International
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SCATS© Inbound Shipping

SCATS© provides purchase order tracking, reporting, and shipping functionality to suppliers. Suppliers have visibility only to their purchase orders, and shipping access to particular POs is controlled by date management. Shipments by suppliers are posted to the first open quantity at the delivery schedule level, thus also controlling quantity shipped against quantity ordered. Quantity management includes quantity tolerance as provided in the purchase order data. Shipping screens are populated with purchase order data (including ship from, ship to, quantity ordered, part number and description, and other pertinent data).

SCATS© enables the identification of special handling and equipment requirements, as defined by customer profiles. SCATS© inbound shipping functionality includes pull down menus for selecting special equipment and handling requirements for all transport modes. Shippers are able to identify shipments needing urgent operational attention through a checkbox in the shipping screen. Shippers are able to print bills of lading, carrier tracking labels, and receiving barcodes at the conclusion of the shipment process.

SCATS© provides suppliers with the ability to identify "vendor truck" as the carrier for shipments moved to the customer via supplier truck. Application of vendor truck to the shipment precludes carrier routing in SCATS©.

Once suppliers post the ASN (Advance Shipment Notification), SCATS© automatically evaluates all shipment parameters (including pieces, weight, dimensions, special handling and/or equipment requirements, ready date/time, required delivery date/time, and applicable business rules) and determines the best carrier at the best cost. SCATS© assigns the carrier and service levels and tenders the shipment to the carrier. SCATS© provides the shipper with all required shipping documents. SCATS© receives tracking events from the carrier, from confirmation of dispatch through pick up and delivery. SCATS© also receives receiving signals from the ERP system to confirm the material is available in inventory.