SCM©: Supply Chain Management
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SCMI©: Supply Chain Management International
SCMI© Overview

SCMI©: Supply Chain Management International

SCMI© , Supply Chain Management International, provides international shippers with a streamlined and efficient transportation management system. SCMI© enables:

  • Compliant commercial invoice at time of product entry into customs.
  • Reduced process steps.
  • Improved forward planning process.
  • Database that is reliable, real-time, accurate, with full visibility shared by process users including partners and suppliers.
  • Automated proactive monitoring capability.
  • Reduced/eliminated post audit findings/issues.
  • Improved material flow.
With transmission of international purchase orders, SCMI© allows the immediate collection of data elements on the commercial invoice template as required for valid customs entry. SCMI© allows input of various data elements provided by different users at various times throughout the life cycle of the purchase order. Post-entry editing of data is enabled and tracked.

SCMI© automatically identifies the appropriate forwarder and broker based on defined business rules. Data from SCMI© to the forwarder and brokers is conducted automatically as operational events occur. All events, user inputs, edits, and alerts are logged automatically by SCMI©.

SCMI© monitors for exceptions and alerts defined users at the appropriate times/intervals. SCMI© also monitors for the occurrence of milestone events which are used to trigger alerts and/or exceptions as required.